Common Problems in Business Platforms:

Flexibility and durability of the platform - the wrong choice can lead to hundreds of thousands of USD in development (R&D) costs, coupled with gridlock in the software development process (SDLC). It is important that the flexibility and power of chosen tools are sustainable enough to deliver on complex and ever changing business requirements over long periods of time, without having to start from the beginning each time the company wants to modernize its infrastructure.

Information Architecture  - a poorly designed system will lead to lack of utility and structure, and the duplication of processes in the future. The key is to evaluate the business, its existing workflows, employees/stakeholders/customer's needs, and focus on system design that improve the accessibility and usefulness of business data.

Adoption Rate - an often ignored issue: if the end user dislikes, or struggles to understand and use the platform, or does receive the support or training they need, and has no channel with the developer available to provide feedback on usability, bugs, etc - the whole project will slow down. This leads to higher costs in training, and overall a product that employees are unhappy with. The solution here is to develop the business platforms in random with the end users and stakeholders, applying their feedback with each release to improve it over time.

The BEC Solution: Design More, Code Less, Deliver Faster, Scale Easy

In many cases, to build business applications, databases, and create workflows to manage a process, it may not be beneficial to start from scratch with a developer, nor subscribe/purchase multiple software programs that may solve specific business functions well, but cannot communicate with one another. Thankfully, there a few powerful solutions for small to mid size enterprises, and even large companies, to get a head start. And they are affordable.

Citrix Podio / GlobiFlow For Podio

A product of Citrix, Podio represents the fastest and most affordable way to build a custom database and automate workflows for a business of any size. Globiflow, another product of Citrix, is included with Podio. The pair of them creates the most powerful framework for performing complex workflows with ease. I have built custom systems on Podio for 5+ years.

Podio is ideal for: rapid development of flexible databases and complex workflows for all business areas, with a focus on collaboration around any type of business object.

Dubbed 'The future of software development' Bubble is an extraordinary visual programming platform with a rapidly growing community. Powerful business apps, websites, and databases can be built to any scale in weeks, not months or years. There is no platform on the market that gives us more power and control over what can be built. A business savvy generalist can now build in one week what would take a team of full stack developers months to build.

Bubble is ideal for: full control of both high and low level software development for powerful websites and web applications. Bubble is for technical business generalists to want to begin developing software.